My golden girl

The motivation behind my rescuing, my golden girl, Shenzi. My mom and I went to the vet to buy dog food when we first laid our eyes on Shenzi. They told us kids on Spine road were selling her on the street, but they were throwing her around and someone managed to get her and they brought her in to the vet. Shenzi was in such a bad condition that she couldnt even eat, they thought she wouldn’t survive. She barely had any fur on her, she was covered in what they called “mange”. The vet had been looking after her for 2 weeks before we took her in, and she was approximately 8 weeks old. When I saw Shenzi I knew I had to take her home, I couldn’t leave her behind. After what I found out about what happens to animals, the cruelty that they are faced with everyday, horrified me. That’s when something in me awakened and through my amazing journey with Shenzi, I realised that I finally loved and cared for something more than myself. Shenzi has been the reason why my awareness about animal abuse has broadened, she’s motivated me to rescue and I could never agree more on the quote “In rescuing animals I lost my mind but found my soul” because I’d do anything I can to try and help as many animals as I can. We require funds to help raise and support our 14 rescue puppies and 1 rescue kitten, and we aim to spread awareness about animal abuse and the need for people to adopt, foster or rescue pets instead of going into a pet shop or breeder and purchasing them.

My angel Shenzi


Sign this petition against animal cruelty

Please click on the link below to sign the petition to urge governments worldwide to end animal cruelty by punishing the monsters who engage in and promote animal abuse. By doing so this will discourage potential monsters from even thinking of harming innocent animals for their own pleasure or “tradition”.

We need to help animals and be their voice, we need to fight for them. Be different, be compassionate. Signing this petition and similar petitions will definitely make a world of difference.

Animal sacrifices in the name of tradition is wrongful!

When someone tortures or sacrifices a person it is considered to be murder, wrongful and a crime. But then how is it right to do that with animals in the name of tradition and religion? Just because it is part of your tradition it doesn’t mean it is right, people blindly follow religious practices without using their common sense, heart and compassion. One day if your religion states that you must sacrifice a person to gain wealth, happiness, luck or prosperity will you do that? Would you go and kill someone in the name of tradition? You wouldn’t, because you’d be held responsible for murder and you’d be behind bars. Likewise it is wrongful to sacrifice animals because they are living beings as well and they have feelings. For people who cannot see animal sacrifices in the name of tradition as wrongful, I pity you and hopefully one day god opens your eyes and shows you that you’re killing his own creations and offering them back to him. Indian tradition of sacrificing a goat, muslim tradition of sacrificing a sheep, chinese tradition of sacrificing dogs and cats, and the list just goes on and on. These are all sinful practices and those that promote it and participate in it will one day be punished. Karma always comes around.

Animal Breeding is CRUELTY!

Breeding is illegal because it is going against an animal’s right to live a carefree and enjoyable life. Breeding is a crime and unfortunately many people choose to be ignorant, and are more concerned with their material gain.
Breeders can be compared to vampires, they are heartless, cruel and drain the life force out of innocent, helpless victims. The animals which are bred lead a very tormented, restricted and controlled life. They suffer from psychological, physical and emotional trauma. Majority of these animals can loose their lives during this process of continuous breeding. 

Second litter of rescue puppies

This was the beginning of our journey with our 7 brave little warriors. These poor imacicated souls fought desperately to survive despite their horrific circumstances. Sadly two of our little boys were lost to the parvo virus. For those who do not know what the parvo virus is, it is a fatal virus that causes a slow and painful death whereby the stomach lining starts wearing off causing internal bleeding where they vommit and have bloody diarrhea. Even the most healthiest of puppies under the best veterinary care do not survive this fatal virus. But our little malnutritioned, mange infested, and kennel cough babies fought through courageously. This required constant veterinary visits that resulted in huge medical bills, 24/7 intensive care and it took over a month of sleepless nights to stabilise their conditions. Basically our lives were on hold, we were at their beck and call every moment.